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PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) policies were designed to cover the cost of loan repayments in the event that you were off sick or became unemployed. They were mainly taken out with loans, mortgages and credit cards.

The major problem with PPI is that most people who were sold the policy didn't really need the cover and in many cases the policies were sold to people who could never qualify for a claim anyway, e.g. retired, self-employed, unemployed etc.

Some of the major banks have already been fined for mis-selling.
It is estimated that over £10 Billion of policies have been sold and as many as 30
million policy holders may have a claim for compensation.

Some instances of mis-selling include
• You were told you had to take out PPI in order to get the loan or product.
• You were pressured into buying PPI.
• You were not informed you could buy PPI elsewhere.
• You were NOT told about any exclusion’s.
• You were not asked whether you already had sufficient Insurance cover.

You can make a PPI compensation claim if you have been sold a PPI policy in the last 6 years and the policy may not have been right for you. You can claim even if you no longer have the loan. You may well be entitled to your money back and to any interest which has been charged upon it.

If you believe you have been mis-sold a PPI policy within the last 6 years, start your claim today. We can help you reclaim the premiums you have paid!

* Red Claims Management reserve the right to make a charge if you knowingly provide our business with misleading financial information or if you wish to cancel our agreement. The charge will be a reasonable reflection of any work done

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