Personal Injury

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Have you been injured in a road traffic accident, at work or in a public place?  If so, you may have a claim for compensation if this was not your fault.  Compensation can make a huge difference to your life if you have suffered injuries through no fault of your own. 
Here are just some of the possible consequences that can arise from an accidental injury:

  • You may be unable to work for a period of time
  • You may incur additional expenses, such as travel to and from hospital, taxis or trains (especially if you are unable to drive)
  • You may need physiotherapy or other treatments to speed your recovery – treatments that are often not available on the NHS
  • You may need to hire a vehicle while your own vehicle is repaired or a decision is made whether to scrap it if it’s badly damaged.
  • You may suffer from pain and discomfort which prevents you from enjoying your everyday activities

Making a claim for compensation is a way of helping you offset all these additional costs and recompensing you for physical suffering.  This area of the law is complicated and the best way that you, the consumer, can best be served is by having our professional legal team fighting your corner to ensure that you gain access to justice and proportionate compensation for your injures.
We handle every aspect of the claim.  This can involve such diverse activities as obtaining reports from doctors and physiotherapists, organising the provision of hire cars, providing translators, dealing with insurance companies, sorting out car repairs and liaising with employers.

Road Traffic Accidents

Have you been injured as the result of a road traffic accident?
Anyone who is injured because of a car crash or road traffic accident that is not your fault could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.  Even if you are the victim of a 'hit and run' accident or if the driver at fault was not insured, a compensation claim can still be made.
If you were injured in a road accident as:

  • a driver or passenger in a car, van or lorry
  • the rider or pillion passenger on a motorbike or bicycle
  • a pedestrian or bystander

consult the experts in road traffic accident claims here at Red Claims Management.
Frequent road traffic accident injuries include:

  • Whiplash – with compensation often ranging from between £2,000 and £6,000.  Symptoms include aches and pains in the neck, shoulder and back.  There can be a general stiffening of the muscles; sometimes people experience headaches soon after the accident.  These injuries can persist for several months after an accident.
  • Physical trauma – with compensation often ranging from between £2,000 and £5,000

In more serious cases people suffer horrific and life changing injuries which mean adapting their whole life to a new and difficult set of circumstances.  Our team of personal injury solicitors can help to guide you through the whole process of making a compensation claim.

What does it all cost?  With Red Claims you pay no fees… whatsoever
Many people worry that starting legal proceedings to gain compensation after they have been injured will lead to hidden costs and expenses.  This can happen when dealing with some claims management companies or solicitors – you may be asked to take out a loan agreement; or at the end of the case part of your compensation awarded is deducted.  This will not happen with Red Claims, our panel of personal injury solicitors don’t make any deductions from compensation payments awarded at the end of a successful claim either.

Vehicle Passengers
If you were injured as a passenger in a vehicle that had been involved in an accident your personal injury compensation claim would be made against the third party's insurance company.  This could be the driver of the vehicle in which you were travelling in or a third party driver.  Many passengers are put off making a claim if the ‘at fault driver’ was a friend or family member.  But remember people have insurance to protect not only themselves and other road users but their passengers as well.  The matter is handled by an insurance company and a solicitor so there is no need to worry on this count.

Pedestrians and vehicles are not a good combination in accidents – it is almost inevitable that the passenger will always come off worse often suffering severe injuries.  Proving who was at fault when a pedestrian is involved can be a tricky business – especially if there are no witnesses.  By contacting Red Claims you will have access to their specialist legal panel which has many years experience handling claims relating to pedestrians injured on the road.

Cyclists are particularly vulnerable to being injured in accidents involving other vehicles on the road for a number of reasons.  Visibility is a big factor in many accidents – drivers often fail to see a cyclist which can lead to a collision, or the rider may have to take evasive action leading them, for example, to crash into walls, over kerbs or into stationary vehicles.  Our panel of personal injury solicitors can offer expert advice to pedal cyclist accident victims.  We have gained a great deal of experience in representing clients that have been injured in this way.  Sometimes the third party driver fails to stop after an accident so no third party details are available.
We advise you to report all accidents to the police so that there is an official record.  If there are any witnesses at the scene try to get their contact details as well.
Some cyclist accidents are caused by the road conditions, such as badly fitting drainage covers, potholes and debris.  In these cases we can investigate pursuing a compensation claim on your behalf against the relevant authority or utility company.


Work Related Accidents
An accident in the workplace can be a worrying time for those involved.
Common injuries such as fractures and back strains can last a lifetime.
Not only have you sustained an injury, causing you physical and emotional distress, but you may worry about how you can provide for yourself and your family in the future.
Making a claim for accident at work compensation could be a lifeline. Seek specialist advice from Red Claims Management and find out how we can help you.

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If you have been injured in an accident at work it can be a particularly stressful time.  You may be recovering from your injuries at home, while receiving sick pay or sickness benefits.  You may have already returned to work but feel unsure about pursuing a compensation claim because you’re worried how your employer will react.

Many employees are deterred form seeking advice about claiming compensation for accidents at work because they fear that their position might be jeopardised.   However, remember all employers are legally bound to have employer's liability insurance just in case an accident happens.  You can rest assured that there is really nothing to worry about by seeking advice form a specialist personal injury firm of solicitors. 
Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for their workforce.  Floors, walkways, corridors and stairways should be free from obstructions and be properly maintained to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls.  Many work related claims for compensation relate to people who've been injured in this way.

Accidents at work can also occur when personnel have received insufficient training in materials handling or processes which can lead, amongst other things, to back injuries and other stresses and strains.  People working in the caring professions are vulnerable to this type of accident when, for example, lifting patients.

Making a claim for compensation is the sensible option when you have suffered a work place accident which has led to injury.  It will help to offset your out of pocket expenses, compensate you for your injuries and provide an element of compensation for loss of earnings and potential future loss of earnings.


Accident in a public place?
After seeking medical treatment and an assessment of your injuries it makes sense to get some impartial advice from a solicitor specialising in this area of personal injury law. You can be confident that a thorough assessment of the circumstances surrounding your accident will be investigated to determine the chances of being able to make a successful claim for compensation.
Accidents in public places leading to personal injury often happen in the following places:

  • Council or publicly owned thoroughfares or property - injuries can be caused by uneven pavements, potholes or poorly signed road works
  • Shops, supermarkets and retail outlets, often caused by spillages, falling objects and poorly maintained access ways
  • Events such as sports, music, amusements and fairs due to poor maintenance, lack of planning and crowd management problems
  • Railways, trams or the underground system and on premises or land owned or used by operators

Common injuries can include fractures, strains and scarring.  In extreme circumstances an accident can lead to death or permanent disablement.
Public bodies and landowners have a duty of care to maintain their land or property to a reasonable and safe standard for users.  If an accident has been caused by negligence leaving you injured and possibly incapacitated, then it is only right that you make a claim for compensation.
In addition injuries can be caused as a result of negligence by individuals:

  • Injuries sustained at privately owned addresses or land
  • Attacks by uncontrolled pets – especially dangerous dogs, which often feature in the press

Home owners are often covered by their household insurance policy against this type of event; and responsible animal owners will have an insurance policy to cover them.  In these cases it may be possible to gain recompense for injuries and losses sustained in these circumstances.
It will help your case if you or a friend gathers the following information as soon as possible after an accident:

  • The exact location or address where the accident occurred
  • Photographs of the area, using a ruler in the picture to show for example the depth of a pothole.
  • The name and contact details of anybody who witnessed the accident taking place.
  • The name and contact details of anybody who can vouch for the length of time a defect had been present
  • Try to report the accident to a manager if the accident was took place at a business or on premises so that it is recorded in the accident book

Our panel solicitors will help to ensure that you gain just recompense for accidents which have caused injury and any losses incurred resulting from public liability compensation claims.



*In limited circumstances fees may be charged where your claim is not successful and these specific limited circumstances are set out in the No Win No fee Agreement. In addition if you fail to attend a medical appointment arranged for you, the Doctor may charge a non attendance fee.
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