Payment Protection Insurance - FAQ

What is PPI?
PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) is insurance to cover your payments on a loan should you become sick, unemployed or suffer an accident.

What types of loans are covered by PPI?
Car finance, mortgages, bank and building society loans and credit cards are all products that frequently come with PPI attached.

Why Can I make a claim?
Generally PPI insurance has been found to have been mis-sold by the Financial Services Authority in a number of cases. If it was mis-sold to you then you can make a claim to get back the proportion of your monthly loan or credit-card payments that represented the PPI payments, plus interest. There are many reasons why PPI may have been mis-sold to you in the first place but the main reasons behind making a claim are if you were not in full-time employment at the time you took out the loan, if you were told that the cover was compulsory or if you were not even made aware that you had the cover.

Can I still complain if I no longer have the policy?
You can as long as you still have the policy or loan details and you did not get any payout of benefits under the policy while it was in force.

If I complain will it affect my policy?
Yes. In the majority of cases, what we are complaining about is the fact that you should not have been sold the policy in the first place because it was not right for you. If we are successful with your complaint, your compensation will be a full refund of all your premiums plus interest and your cover will cease.

How long does it take?

This will all depend on how long the loan or credit-card companies take to respond to us.

How much will it cost me?

Our service is results based. You will only be asked to pay any fee if you receive a refund or settlement from your bank. The fee will be 20% of that refund
How do I start my claim?

You can either submit your information via our contact form or by calling a claims advisor on 020 7377 1122. We will send you our standard agreement form to sign and return.
Can I do this myself?

If you have the time and confidence to manage your own claim and you are confident that you will be able to maximise your settlement, yes, you can do this yourself.

Accident Claims - FAQ

How do I know if I am eligible to make a claim?

You will be eligible if you have suffered an injury – physical or psychological – which was caused by someone who should have been taking reasonable care for your safety but failed to – for example your employer, a fellow workmate or another driver.
How much compensation am I entitled to?

It all depends on the extent of the injuries you have suffered, average compensation claim ranges anywhere from £2,000 to £10,000. Serious or persistent injuries are substantially more. Other factors such as loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses are also recoverable.
How long will a claim take?

Our solicitors are well aware that it is in everyone’s interest to process your claim without delay. Many lower value claims can be settled in a matter of months. Severe injury cases generally take longer. But every case is different. Your solicitor will tell you the average time for your type of case.
If my accident happened at work and I make a claim against them, can they dismiss me?

It is not legally justifiable for your employer to dismiss you for making an accident claim. It could amount to unfair dismissal. Also it's important to remember that your employer is required by law to take out insurance cover against staff accidents. This means that your employer's insurance company will pay your compensation, and not your employer.
Will I have to meet with a solicitor?

Any contact with you will be made by telephone, email or post. There is usually no need for you to actually visit a solicitor's office.
Who will represent me in my claim for personal injuries?

Our specialist personal injury solicitors who have agreed to our exceptional service standards will represent you.
What if I lose my personal injuries claim?

All solicitors chosen by Red Claims Management are on a no win, no fee basis. This means that if the case is lost, you won't pay a penny.

Personal Injury - FAQ

How much does it cost?

It will not cost you anything. If our panel solicitors accept your case, we will pursue it under a ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangement.  That means it is free to you.

But what does ‘No Win, No Fee’ actually mean?

‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements were introduced by the government to help people injured in accidents gain access to justice without financial risk.  They are also known as Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFAs).

  • you don’t have to pay solicitors fees while the case proceeds
  • if your case doesn't succeed you won’t have to pay the other side’s solicitors fees
  • if you win your case the opposing side pays your legal costs and expenses  we take out an insurance policy to cover the expenses incurred in pursuing a claim and to cover the other side’s legal expenses if your case is unsuccessful (you don’t pay the cost of this policy, we do)

In some circumstances a ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangement may not be appropriate.  In these instances we will be able to advise you about the alternatives that are available to you.

What do I receive if I win my claim for compensation?
All of your compensation.  There is nothing to worry about.  You will receive all of your damages as long as you have kept to the terms and conditions of the ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement.

How long will my case take?
We are dedicated to handling claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.  A typical case which involves talking to the other side's insurance company, obtaining a medical report and an offer of compensation can take from between three and six months.

How does the claims process work?
Since 1999, insurance companies have been ordered to co-operate with personal injury claimants under a set of court rules called the ‘Protocol’.
Insurance companies have five weeks to acknowledge receipt of a claim
They then have another three months to consider whether they accept the claim or not.

If they accept the claim they have another three weeks after they have seen the medical evidence to make an offer of compensation
If the insurance company does not admit fault or does not make an offer that is acceptable to the claimant, then the case goes to court for trial.
There is a strict timetable in place to determine when a case goes to court for trial.
A disputed case will take about eight months before coming to trial.
In cases where fault has been admitted it will usually take approximately three months to settle from the date liability has been admitted.

Can I claim for incidental expenses? 
Normally you can claim for incidental expenses, for example travel costs to and from hospital.  You should always ask for receipts and keep these safely.  It will help if you make a list of your expenses, with dates and a brief explanation of why the expense has occurred.

How can we help you?
We can provide you with:

  • the best advice from our experienced legal team
  • a professional, friendly and approachable service 
     maximum compensation
  • a quick and efficient conclusion to your claim



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