Accident Management:
        .Recovery and storage of your vehicle
        .Like for like replacement vehicle 
        .Repairs to your vehicle
        .Injury compensation

We provide a hassle-free service for individuals who have been injured in an accident that was not their fault.

Once it has been established that the accident is not your fault, we provide the following services at no cost to you, as all the costs are claimed from the at fault party's insurance:

  • Replacement Vehicle

    courtesy car

    We can dispatch a replacement vehicle to you immediately. We aim to match your existing vehicle as closely as possible and our fleet includes prestige vehicles. If you have special requirements such as a PCO vehicle (replacement taxi) this can be managed quickly and efficiently.

  • No excess

    Even if an accident is not your fault if your insurance company deals with your claim, you may have to pay your excess and lose your no claims bonus.

  • Injury claims

    We arrange legal representation so you can recover injury and lost earnings compensation.

  • Repair

    If your car is repairable you choose the garage that does the work or use our network of approved body shops.

We can handle all issues surrounding your vehicle, including arranging the engineer's report, repairs and vehicle hire.

On your behalf, we will negotiate with the insurance company to establish liability and ensure the best possible compensation settlement.


Q: Is it going to cost me anything to use your service?

A: Red Claims provide the claims management service for you free of charge. The claims management service is 100% free. As the victim of a non fault accident you are legally entitled to the service we provide. The costs of any replacement vehicle provided, and repairs undertaken to your car if applicable are sent to the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident. For further details please speak to our claims team on 020 377 1122.

Q: What should I do if my insurance company contacts me?Close

A: Let them know that Red Claims is handling your claim and give them our telephone number.

Q: What will happen if my car is a write off?

A: If your car is written off as a result of an accident that was not your fault we can help. We will arrange for a replacement vehicle to be provided to you. Provided you do not have access to a replacement vehicle yourself or you can replace your vehicle from funds available to you we aim to keep you in the replacement vehicle until you receive and bank a cheque from the third party's insurance company.

Q: Can I choose where my vehicle is repaired?

A: Yes. The cost of the repairs and the inspection of your vehicle prior to repair will be recovered from the insurer of the fault driver. We will arrange for the repair cheque to be sent direct to you so you can take it to your local garage or even main dealer to repair your vehicle or you can use our network of approved body shops.

Q: Don't I have to call my insurance company?

A: During the initial stages you don't need to ring your insurance company, we will handle this for you, but you may have to notify your insurer at some stage during the claim process. However we will deal with this for you and act in your best interests.